Italian Cold Cuts

Parma Ham, Culatello, Bresaola, Cooked Ham, Salami, and more.


Italian cold cuts are among the best in the world. 
Do you know Italy produces so many different varieties of Cold Cuts that you can try a new one every day and you'll be trying for years?

Each region and quite often each province has its own traditional products.
Parma province is famous for Parma Ham, Siena and its province for Cinta Senese Ham, Modena province for Culatello and many more. Also Sicily got its own cold cuts such Nebrodi Black Pig Ham. What about Guanciale from Lazio? Not to mention Bresaola from Valtellina.

So many, all delicious, our cold cuts are all sourced from family farms in their specific region of Italy to bring to Hong Kong an authentic Italian experience.