BARISTA AS A SERVICE - Terms & Conditions

With "Barista As A Service" product we identify the service that guarantees a fully efficient espresso and cappuccino system on a free on loan basis (1Miller + 1 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine).

To maintain the Free on Loan of the appliances, the customer accept to pay and receive 1kg of coffee at the price of HKD 588 every 30 days.

In case the customer wants to cancel the subscription, the customer must inform The Italian Club Hong Kong simply replying to the payment email or writing to and make the appliances available for collection within 3 days from the expiring day of the subscription.

The free on loan subscription model includes all maintenance and assistance linked to the normal use of appliances.

Damaged occurred because of misuse of tools, lack of caring and attention, lack of cleansing and hygiene, will be charged separately.

Purchasing the "Barista As A Service" product The Customer commit itself  in maintaining a proper use of all the appliances provided and take full responsibility for any damaged caused by improper use.