Primo Sale PAT Cheese Caseificio Lupica Sicily - 100 Grams

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from Caseificio Lupica in Catania - Sicily

100g in a whole piece. Portioned and vacuum pack in our kitchen from original vacuum pack from Sicily.

Primo Sale is the cheese that best represents Sicily and all the influences given by its position in the centre of Mediterranean Sea, place of cultural and gastronomical exchange since Egyptians and Romans.
Primo Sale, translated First Salt, it's made out of sheep milk and it's the first, most important, phase of cheese ageing, the "Salamoia", a high concentration of salt in pure water. That is the First Salt or Primo Sale as we call it in Sicily.
4 different version for a new tasting experience.
Traditional Black Pepper Primo Sale, the original taste cheese made with black pepper beans in the "Masseria" in Sicily, just marinated in "Salamoia", a highly-concentrated mixture of water and salt, in 2 version. Young and Aged for 9 month.
Primo Sale & Red Chili Pepper, with sun-dried Sicilian chili red pepper
Primo Sale & Pistachio, with the most famous and prestigious from Sicily.
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Can store in fridge in its original vacuum pack for up to 1 months.
After opening vacuum pack we suggest to consume within 7 days to maintain its best quality.