Speck Cured Pork Belly IGP - 100 Grams

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Authentic Speck Alto Adige IGP cured pork belly cold cut.
正宗Alto Adige IGP 醃製的豬腩冷切

Speck is a flavorsome and aromatic cured meat. is made exclusively with the best and leanest legs of pork (during the smoking process that fat content would not only tend to become too strong, but also turn rancid)traditions of cured-meat experts from Alto Adige, which is based on three golden rules: limited use of salt, modest smoking, and restricted air-flow. It is the home of true speck culture.

Speck IGP (Indication Geographical Protected) is produced according to strict guidelines controlling meat quality, curing and smoking. Traditionally sliced thinly and served with bread and wine, speck is also a wonderful addition to pasta and rice dishes as well as to salads.
Speck IGP(指示地理保護產品)是根據控制肉質,醃製和煙燻的嚴格準則生產的。傳統上,它被切成薄片,並配以麵包和葡萄酒,也是通心粉,米飯以及沙拉的絕佳配合

Approximately 12-14 pieces per serving

Shelf Life: 3 days after sliced. Keep Refrigerated

Please note: Each serving is base on grams, items may not be calculated in quantity
請注意: 每份都是以克為基礎,產品可能不會以數量計算