Salami Milano Sliced - 100 Grams

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Authentic Salami Milano pork cold-cut - The Italian Legacy
正宗的薩拉米米蘭豬肉冷切 - 意大利的傳統

Salame Milano is an exquisite salami which is made in the Milan area of northern Italy. It is in fact Italy’s favorite salami. Only the best lean and fat Italian pork is used.

The meat is seasoned with salt, garlic, broken black peppercorns and ground white pepper. Slices are a light ruby red color with a well-defined harmonious aroma and mild delicate flavor. Great for antipasti or served with all sorts of cheeses. Delicious in a salad or on a sandwich or pizza.

Approximately 15-18 pieces per serving

Shelf Life: 3 days after sliced. Keep Refrigerated

Please note: Each serving is base on grams, items may not be calculated in quantity
請注意: 每份都是以克為基礎,產品可能不會以數量計算