Prosecco Superiore DOCG 2018 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut, Biancavigna - 750ml

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Producer: Biancavigna
Region: Veneto, Italy
Appellation: Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
Grape Variety: 100% Glera

Descriptions: Founded only recently in 2004 Biancavigna is a high quality small prosecco producer run by brother and sister Enrico and Elena Mochetta. This cuvee is from the superior DOCG zone for Prosecco - where it all began. Rich and fruit filled with a creamy mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste.
描述:Biancavigna成立於2004年,是由哥哥和妹妹Enrico和Elena Mochetta 經營的高質量小型普羅賽克生產商。這個曲線來自普羅塞克的高級DOCG區-一切都從這裡開始。豐富而充滿水果味的口感和回味綿長

Tasting Notes: Very typical and elegant with distinctive fruity notes that remind of apple and white fruit. On the palate is creamy, with a vivacious and fruity aftertaste. Delicate mineral taste on the finish and good persistence.

Alcohol Content: 11.5% 酒精度:11.5%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability