Parma Ham DOP Aged 24 Months - Whole Leg Deboned 8 kg apx

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Authentic Parma Ham DOP aged 24 month
Whole Leg Deboned -  Approximately(+/- 10%) 

After 24 months the result is a flavorful, rich and unique Ham. Its distinctive sweet and balanced taste is achieved thanks to the producer’s craftsmanship who cures the meat in a strict procedure, and to the sea winds that as they reach the mountain valleys they lose their saltiness and acquire a rich fragrance of chestnut groves. Slightly salty, sweet and umami for the thin layer of fat. Produced Naturally and with no preservatives.

Drape Ham slices around fresh figs or melon slices. Or try other fruits with complementary flavors, such as ripe pears. To create an elegant salad, top mixed greens with slivers of Parma Ham and curls of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Approximately 8kg  +/- 10% Due to natural weight loss

Shelf Life: 1 Year. Keep Refrigerated