Nebbiolo d'Alba DOCG 2014 Sylla Sebaste, Piedmont - 750ml

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Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Denomination: Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
Region: Italy, Piedmont

Description: This wine is produced entirely with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, aging in oak barrel. The idea of producing this Nebbiolo stems from the desire to offer an important wine which has a fresh and youthful body and can accompany all dishes
描述:此酒完全使用100% Nebbiolo 葡萄釀製,並在橡木桶中陳釀。生產這種內比奧羅葡萄酒的想法源於對提供一種重要葡萄酒的渴望,該葡萄酒具有新鮮年輕的身材,可以搭配所有菜餚

Tasting Note: A wine that it is purple red with garnet reflections, flavored with hints of strawberry and raspberry, roots and sweet spices. Serve straight after opening the bottle.On the palate the taste is young and personal, harmonic and balanced, pleasant with little tannin and full of character.

Alcohol Content: 13% 酒精度:13%

Size: 750ml 容量: 750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability