Nebbiolo d'Alba DOCG 2014 Sylla Sebaste, Piedmont - 750ml

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Grape Variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Denomination: Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC
Region: Italy, Piedmont

Description: This wine is produced entirely with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, aging in oak barrel. The idea of producing this Nebbiolo stems from the desire to offer an important wine which has a fresh and youthful body and can accompany all dishes
描述:此酒完全使用100% Nebbiolo 葡萄釀製,並在橡木桶中陳釀。生產這種內比奧羅葡萄酒的想法源於對提供一種重要葡萄酒的渴望,該葡萄酒具有新鮮年輕的身材,可以搭配所有菜餚