Nduja Spicy Spreadable Pork - 550 Grams

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Nduja spicy cold cut from Calabria. 1 Piece - 550 Grams
Nduja卡拉布里亞的辣冷切肉。1件 - 550克

'Nduja is a soft, spreadable fermented pork salume, spiked with fiery Calabrian chilies. It originated in Spilinga, a Calabrian municipality with a population in the low thousands.
In addition to fatty cuts of pork from the belly and back, 'nduja also contained organ meat such as lungs.

Though modern 'nduja-makers might include other ingredients, at its simplest 'nduja contains little more than ground pork, salt, and a mouth-numbingly spicy dose of Calabrian chilies, which gives the salume its signature red glow. Perfectly integrate on pasta, bruschetta and pizza.