Pork Sausage “Luganega” PAT 100 Grams

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Traditional Pork Sausage from the north part of Italy.
Luganega is one of the most ancient version of sausage in Italy back to the Romans.
The pork, minced together with pork fat, is stuffed into a string and is to be eaten after cooking the product directly or in the preparation of other dishes, such as risotto. 
Received fresh in Hong Kong and frozen in our kitchen.
Cut in 100g per piece.Vacuum pack.
Try grilled, in risotto or in tomato sauce (with pasta or as a main).
t is the fundamental ingredient for "
risotto alla monzese".
100g is approximately a piece of sausage of 15cm/5 inches. Good for one person if accompanied by a side and an appetizer.