Langoustine Scampi Sicily - 500g Frozen Raw

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Frozen - Vacuum Pack

The Authentic Taste of Sicilian Seafood

Caught in the Sicilian part of the Mediterranean Sea, Scampi are a delicious product perfect to enrich all your elegant dinner.

Frozen on board right after caught to preserve freshness and fragrance.

Enjoy raw as sashimi, in pasta sauce, boiled in salad, deep fried and grilled.

Scampi are always delicious.

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1st Category Approximately 5 Pieces (100g each) HKD 888
2nd Category Approximately 11 Pieces (45g each) HKD 688

Net Weight: 500 Grams
淨重量: 500克

Defrost in fridge for 6 hours or under cold running water for 5/10 minutes.

Please note: Each serving is base on grams +/- 10%.
The size of the product may vary.