Home Made Vegetarian Lasagna Tray 2x 750g - 1.5 KG Total 6/8 portion Cooked

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2x 750g full tray of Home-made Vegetarian Lasagna, prepared with Italian flour and fresh eggs, home made besciamella flour-milk sauce, buffalo mozzarella DOP, Parmigiano Reggiano 12 month DOP, home made Pesto sauce, garlic vegetables. No preservatives or chemicals.
一盤滿滿的自製素食烤寬麵條,用意大利麵粉和新鮮的雞蛋準備,自製貝西米拉麵粉-牛奶醬,水牛芝士DOP,帕馬森奶酪Reggiano 12個月DOP,自製香蒜醬,大蒜蔬菜。沒有防腐劑或化學製品

Net Weight: 1.5kg - Portion for 6 large or 8 good servings
淨重:1.5公斤 - 可分配成6大份或8適中份量

Reheat in oven for 5 minutes at 180 C or 120 seconds in microwave 900W (remove from tray for microwave)  

Freshly made on demand  can be freeze for up to 30 days or in fridge +5 C for 48 hours
按需新鮮製作的食品可以冷凍長達30天,或在冰箱 + 5度中冷凍48小時