Home Made "Carbonara" Sauce - 300 Grams

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The traditional and authentic recipe for Carbonara. Made with fresh eggs, Pecorino DOP cheese, ground pepper and Guanciale pork cheek, and a matter of art and balance.
Carbonara 的傳統和地道食譜。用新鮮的雞蛋,Pecorino DOP 芝士,黑胡椒和Guanciale豬臉加上其平衡藝術的重要性而製成

Guanciale is a delicious cured pork product made from pig jowls. Guanciale is more traditional and delicately flavored. It’s basically a tastier version of pancetta. Apparently carbonara is invented by Renato Gualandi, one of the most influential chefs and restaurant owners of post-war Italy in 1944.
Guanciale 是用豬頰肉製成的美味醃製豬肉產品。 Guanciale 更傳統,且口味精緻。它基本上是pancetta的美味版本。顯然,carbonara 是雷納托·瓜蘭迪(Renato Gualandi)於1944年發明的,Renato Gualandi 是戰後意大利最有影響力的廚師和餐館老闆之一

Net Weight: 300 Grams - Ideal for 2 servings of 100 grams of pasta
淨重:300克 - 2份100克意大利麵的理想份量

Keep Refrigerated. To consume within 48 Hours

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