Fernet-Branca Bitter - 700ml

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Product Description: Fernet-Branca is a traditional Italian digestivo made from a secret mix of herbs including myrrh, saffron, chamomile and gentian. This Italian bitters founded in Milan by the noble Branca di Romanico family in 1845. Fernet Branca is made from 27 different roots and herbs, including gentian, camomile, saffron and rhubarb, and aged in Slovenian oak vats for one year.
產品描述:Fernet-Branca 是一種傳統的意大利食糜,由沒藥,藏紅花,洋甘菊和龍膽草的秘密混合物製成。這種意大利苦澀酒由貴族布蘭卡·迪·羅曼尼科家族於1845年在米蘭成立。菲涅特·布蘭卡由27種不同的根和草藥製成,包括龍膽,甘菊,藏紅花和大黃,在斯洛文尼亞橡木桶中陳化一年

Tasting Notes: This amaro is coffee-brown hue and mild, root-like aroma. It has a intensely bitter from the first sip, a bitter espresso and unsweetened chocolate core, plus strong peppermint with spicy liquorice, big minty finish with a bitter bite.

With its more than two million cases sold worldwide every year Fernet-Branca is the most popular Italian Spirit. Thanks to the quality of the row materials and the craftmanship of the production process Fernet-Branca is an outstanding example of Italian excellence.
Fernet-Branca每年在全球銷售超過200萬箱,是最受歡迎的意大利烈酒。由於行材的質量和生產工藝的精湛,Fernet-Branca 是意大利卓越的傑出典範

Alcohol%: 39%

Country of Origin: Italy

Size: 700ml