Extra Virgin Olive Oil Archidamo Bronze “Robusto” Puglia

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100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Organic

Our second fragrance, Archidamo, also comes from the above blend but is characterized by additional Coratina, a typical variety of the area north of Bari. This type of olive tree has root-generating characteristics, enabling it to grow successfully in all types of soil, including limestone and stony, as in the case of the Salento region.

This characteristic lends the oil a specific spicy flavor, laced with bitter, fruity notes. This particular flavour is most important as it signifies a high concentration of polyphenols – very powerful antioxidants – that not only combat cellular ageing but also help prevent a variety of illnesses, providing protection from peroxides.

The above characteristics make our Archidamo a top-quality across-the-culinary-board oil, particularly good when used on hot mixed-pulses soup to bring out the slightly spicy Coratina flavor, or drizzled on to still-warm grilled vegetables and meat, not to mention in strong-tasting (as in Greek) tomato salad with olives and capers.


About Archidamo

The authentic flavour of the ancient Salento olives

The flat Apulian landscape has its roots buried deep in history as do its ancient olive trees that stretch to the horizon, offering us for centuries a tradionally-flavoured oil, tasting of red, sun-drenched earth. This is the picture our tastebuds conjure up as we savour the traditional blend of Archidamo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, available in two fragrancies (Delicate Archidamo and Archcidamo).

Archidamo, the top-quality 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of the combination of good traditional agricultural practices and modern scientific know-how.

Passion for the land and the biodiversity guaranteed by the ancient olive trees that grow on it, coupled with respect for and conservation of the environment form the basis of our oil production and guarantee its flavor.