Extra Virgin Olive Oil Archidamo Gold “Delicato” Puglia

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100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Organic

Archidamo Delicato is obtained from the traditional Salento blend, i.e. the combination of different varieties which have been historically planted in this agricultural region, such as the Salento Ogliarola, Coratina, Cellina of Nardo’ and Leccino.
Archidamo Delicato 取材自傳統的 Salento混合物,即該農業地區歷史上種植的不同品種的組合,例如Salento Ogliarola,Coratina,Nardo’的 Cellina 和 Leccino

Archidamo Delicato is a cold-pressed light-tasting extra virgin oil, that adapts well to every type of cooking, delicately bringing out all the various flavours in your recipe.
Archidamo Delicato 是一種冷榨清淡的特級初榨油,可以很好地適應每種烹飪方式,在您的食譜中細膩地呈現出各種風味

About Archidamo

The authentic flavour of the ancient Salento olives

The flat Apulian landscape has its roots buried deep in history as do its ancient olive trees that stretch to the horizon, offering us for centuries a traditionally-flavored oil, tasting of red, sun-drenched earth. This is the picture our taste-buds conjure up as we savour the traditional blend of Archidamo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, available in two fragrancies (Delicate Archidamo and Archcidamo).

Archidamo, the top-quality 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of the combination of good traditional agricultural practices and modern scientific know-how.

Passion for the land and the biodiversity guaranteed by the ancient olive trees that grow on it, coupled with respect for and conservation of the environment form the basis of our oil production and guarantee its flavor.