Etna Rosso DOCG Piano dei Daini 2016 Tenute Bosco, Sicily - 750ml

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Description: Located on the north side of Etna, its vineyards extend over two different districts, Piano dei Daini in Solicchiata and Santo Spirito in Passopisciaro. The vines are native and organically grown. Their sapling vineyard located in Passopisciaro is one of the oldest on the slope, partly prephylloxera and ungrafted, some vines reaching 150 years of age.
葡萄園位於埃特納火山(Etna)的北側,分佈在兩個不同的區域,分別是索利基亞塔(Solicchiata)的皮亞諾·德戴尼(Piano dei Daini)和帕索皮西亞羅(Passopisciaro)的聖斯皮里托。藤本機和有機種植。他們的樹苗葡萄園位於Passopisciaro,是山坡上最古老的葡萄園之一,部分為葡萄前葉和未嫁接,有些葡萄樹已有150年的歷史

Tasting Note: Piano dei Daini Etna Rosso Doc 2016 has a beautiful ruby ​​color with good transparency. The nose is very articulated, floral hints of violet, wild rose and fruity notes of mixed berries, Mediterranean herbs, black pepper, with very delicate lava notes accompany a long smoky finale. At the sip it remains warm, supported by lively tannins well present, the sensation of freshness is decisive that creates harmony and balance in its marked immediacy in the finish.
Piano Dei Daini Etna Rosso DOC 2016具有美麗的紅寶石色和良好的透明度。鼻子非常清晰,有紫羅蘭,野玫瑰和混合漿果,地中海香草,黑胡椒的果香的花香,還有非常細膩的熔岩味伴著長長的煙熏收結。在口中,它保持溫暖,並有活潑的丹寧酸提供支撐,清新的感覺是決定性的,可以在結束時立即產生和諧的平衡

Alcohol Content: 14% 酒精度:14%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

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