Croatina IGT Pavia "Vigna di Annibale" 2015 Isimbarda, Lombardy - 750ml

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Description: The Isimbarda Winery, located in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, owes its name to the ancient family of the Marquis Isimbardi. the cellar, technology is exclusively at the service of quality, to allow the wines to fully express the great potential and versatility of the Oltrepò Pavese grapes and terroir. The carefully selected grapes are pressed and made into wine in the traditional way. In the following spring the wine is bottled and refined for three months before release.
描述:Isimbarda 酒廠位於Oltrepò Pavese的心臟地帶,得名於古老的Marquis Isimbardi 家族。酒窖的技術只為質量服務,使葡萄酒能夠充分錶達Oltrepò Pavese葡萄和風土的巨大潛力和多功能性

Tasting Note: This wine is produced only in certain vintages, those worthy, which are giving warmth and concentration to the grapes. This wine has a delicate bouquet with light yeasty hints and the palate is dry, fresh, well-balanced, lengthy finish.

Alcohol Content: 15% 酒精度:15%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability