Croatina Colli Bruciati 2016 Fattoria Fratelli Massara, Italy - 750ml

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Description: Produced by 100% Croatina grapes, harvested exclusively by hand, to then move on to alcoholic fermentation. After about 12 days, during racking, the flower is extracted, which will be the basis for the “Colli Bruciati”. Decanted at least twice, the Croatina will age in French oak barrels of 2nd and 3rd passage for 12 months.
描述:由100%Croatina 葡萄生產,僅手工採摘,然後進行酒精發酵。約12天后,在貨架上,將提取花朵,這將成為“ Colli Bruciati”的基礎。 Croatina 至少要倒兩次,將在第二和第三通道的法國橡木桶中陳化12個月

Tasting Note: Ruby- red colored wine, very intense and shiny. It is complex on the nose, featured by spices notes and vanilla reminds. Great structure, Croatina "Colli Bruciati" has excellent tannin. Dry and warm at the taste, it presents persistent soft wood notes. Traditionally consumed as pairing with game, pot roast and classical great cheeses as Castelmagno, Pecorino stagionato, Formaggio di Fossa.
酒注:紅寶石色的葡萄酒,非常強烈而有光澤。它的香氣上很複雜,帶有香料味和香草味。 Croatina“ Colli Bruciati”具有出色的結構,單寧極佳。口感乾身且暖和,呈現出持久的木質香調。傳統上是與野味,鍋烤和經典優質奶酪搭配食用的,例如Castelmagno,Pecorino Stagionato,Formaggio di Fossa

Alcohol Content: 14% 酒精度:14%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

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