Ceretto Langhe DOC Bianco Monsordo DOC 2019 - 750ml

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ORIGIN: Albaretto Torre
VARIETY: 100% Riesling Renano
HECTARES: 2,70 ha

Since 2015, the Langhe Bianco Arbarei, from 100% Rhine Riesling, has become Monsordo Bianco. Together with its twin brother from red grapes, the Ceretto family wanted to investigate international varieties studying and observing the expression and potential variations. While its appearance has changed, it leaves intact the desire to express the Riesling variety, in its Alta Langa terroir, which strongly affects the character of the wines it produces. Considerable altitude (600 meters above sea level), calcareous soils, and strong thermal patterns: these are the conditions that produce a unique product.

Although the production is moderately continental and displays pleasant Mediterranean aromas, the wine is also true to the variety’s origins: Germany.

On the palate, the wine has moderate residual sugar, which is able to balance a remarkable freshness (malolactic fermentation does not take place) and gives roundness and complexity.

Vintage can vary based on availability

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.