Carima TBone Marbled Beef 1kg - Chilled

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Carima TBone Marbled Beef 

Inalca, thanks to the expertise of its staff, is able to sort out tailor-made services for its customers, matching the highest standards in terms of products selection and process compliance.
Carima marbled beef was born precisely from this heritage.
The project qualifies the best beef selections and encloses them inside a brand that is based on few unmistakable principles: the typology of the cattle, its conformation and its marble score.
The cattles designated to our line are all females of Italian/European breed, which present outstanding characteristics, resulting in a unique marbled beef gastronomy experience.

 Fresh Weekly Arrival shipped by Air Every Monday at -18 to preserve freshness, nutritional values and texture.

 1000 grams approximately, vacuum pack from fresh in Italy.

Delivered chilled ready to grill.

Add your favorite herbs and massage with extra virgin olive oil before grilling medium-rare for an amazing taste experience. 

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