Buffalo Ricotta DOP “Caseificio delle Rose” - 500 Grams

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Delicious and unique Buffalo Ricotta Cheese DOP made from Buffalo milk by Caseificio delle Rose, same producer or our amazing Buffalo Mozzarella Campania.
美味獨特的水牛Ricotta芝士DOP由 Caseificio delle Rose 的水牛乳製成,是同一家生產商,或者是我們令人驚嘆的水牛莫扎里拉坎帕尼亞芝士

Ricotta di Bufala Campana consists of Campanian buffalo milk. It is a fresh (not matured) product. The milk is heated and coagulates due to the proteins contained in the milk. The taste of the ricotta cheese made ​​from buffalo milk is particularly velvety and pleasant.
Ricotta di Bufala Campana 由坎帕尼亞水牛牛奶組成。這是新鮮的(未成熟的)產品。由於牛奶中所含的蛋白質,牛奶被加熱並凝結。由水牛牛奶製成的意大利Ricotta芝士口感特別柔軟和令人愉悅

Net Weight: 500 Grams - One Item in Original Package
淨重:500克 - 一件原包裝

Keep refrigerated. To be consumed within 72 hours.

Shelf-life: Refer to the package