Branca Menta - 700ml

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Product Description: Branca Menta is a digestif amaro invented in the mid 1960's when young drinkers began asking for mint syrup in their Fernet Branca. It contains peppermint and menthol in addition to the secret Fernet Branca herbal blend, and is 80 proof like Fernet Branca
產品描述:布蘭卡·曼塔(Branca Menta)是1960年代中期發明的一種消化酒品,當時年輕的飲酒者開始在他們的 Fernet Branca 中要求薄荷糖漿。除了秘密的Fernet Branca 草藥混合物外,它還包含薄荷和薄荷醇,並且像Fernet Branca一樣具有80的含標準酒精量

Tasting Note: Its exact recipe, guarded as a family secret, includes different herbs and spices and is enriched with the world-renowned Piedmont peppermint essential oil. The result is a natural, high quality, and highly refreshing bitter liqueur.

Alcohol Content: 39% 酒精度:39%

Country of Origin: Italy 原產地:意大利

Size: 700ml 容量:700毫升