Black Angus Bone-In Rib Eye 1.1kg - USDA Prime Certified

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Even if it's not an Italian product, Black Angus has its own role in Italian cuisine. Often offered as Carpaccio or T-Bone, Black Angus has the best quality-price ratio.
即使不是意大利產品,Black Angus在意大利美食中也有自己的作用。 Black Angus通常以Carpaccio或T骨形式提供,具有最佳的質量價格比例

Only certified cuts from United States of America.
僅來自United States of America 認證的切工

The USDA Prime is the top quality piece of meat on the USDA’s meat scale for tenderness, juiciness and flavor; is the ideal cut/ choice for any grilling.
USDA Prime是USDA肉類秤上最高品質的肉,具有嫩度,多汁和風味;是任何燒烤的理想式切工或選擇