Barolo DOCG 2015, Giacosa Fratelli, Piemonte - 750ml

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Grape Varieties: 100% Nebbiolo

Description: The Giacosa Fratelli winery is located in Neive, in the heart of Piedmont’s Langhe region, just a few miles from Alba. The winery has a very long family history and tradition. Technology and innovation work alongside traditional, firmly-rooted techniques, allowing Giacosa to produce a distinct range of wines, offering great value and outstanding quality.
描述:Giacosa Fratelli酒廠位於皮埃蒙特(Piedmont)朗格(Langhe)地區中心的內維(Neive),距阿爾巴(Alba)僅數英里。該酒莊有著悠久的家族歷史和傳統。技術和創新與傳統的,紮根的技術相結合,使Giacosa可以生產出種類繁多的葡萄酒,提供超值的價值和卓越的品質

Tasting Note: Appearance is intense garnet red with ruby reflections. On the nose is a broad bouquet, made from notes of ripe violet, cherry and oriental spices. On the palate it is beautiful, intense, with sweet and enveloping tannins. Great persistence.

Food Pairing: Excellent with red meats (both roasted, skewered, or grilled) and especially with wild game.

Alcohol Content: 14.5% 酒精度:14.5%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability