Barolo Chinato Roberto Sarotto, Piedmont - 500ml

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Description: The Roberto Sarotto company is a family-run company that has always been linked to the wine world, with a deep awareness of traditional values, but without fear of embarking on innovative paths, passing as "pioneers" in the world of wine.
描述:羅伯托·薩羅托(Roberto Sarotto)是一家家族企業,一直與葡萄酒界保持著聯繫,對傳統價值有著深刻的認識,但又不懼於走上創新之路,成為葡萄酒界的“先鋒”

Barolo Chinato is a special wine produced with D.O.C.G. Barolo.
It is flavored with cinchona bark, rhubarb root, gentian and the precious seed of cardamom. After slow maceration it goes through a period of ageing in french oak barrels.
Barolo Chinato 是由D.O.C.G.巴羅洛釀製

Tasting Note: Served at room temperature as an elegant end of a meal, or steam heated enjoy with an orange peel. Ideal to support and complete the persistent taste of even the richest chocolates in cocoa.

Alcohol Content: 16.5% 酒精度:16.5%

Size: 500ml 容量:500毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability