Asiago DOP Fior di Maso - 100 Grams

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FIor di Maso is a regional artisanal cheese from Veneto.
FIor di Maso 是威尼托(Veneto)的地方手工奶酪

Asiago is a delicate cheese made with semi-cooked cow's milk, produced only on the Asiago plateau in the Veneto foothills in Italy. Its short ripening allows us to taste the freshness of milk of mountain.

The peculiarity of this cheese is the sweet taste of milk. The external rind, slightly convex, hides an internal, soft, pale yellow-colored paste with a diffuse and uniform holes. The longer ripening than Asiago Frescomaso, gives it more taste, with slightly spicy aftertaste. It’s perfect as appetizer with cold cuts, in a sandwich or melted in a burger. 
這種奶酪的獨特之處在於牛奶的甜味。外表皮略微凸出,遮蓋了內部柔軟,淺黃色的糊狀物,其上散佈著均勻的孔。成熟度比Asiago Frescomaso 更長,賦予其更多的味道,餘味略帶辛辣,非常適合搭配冷盤作前菜,三文治或融合於漢堡上

Keep refrigerated. To be consumed within 48 hours.