Grana Padano DOP 12 Months - 100 Grams

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Authentic Grana Padano DOP Cheese.
正宗的Grana Padano DOP 奶酪

Grana Padano, granted DOP on 12 June 1996, is one of the few cheeses that can possibly compete with the King of Cheeses; Parmigiano-Reggiano. Created by the Cistercian monks of Chiaravalle in the 12th century, it is still made throughout the Po River Valley in northeastern Italy.
Grana Padano於1996年6月12日獲得DOP許可,是為數不多的可以與奶酪之王競爭的奶酪之一。帕馬森(Parmigiano-Reggiano)。它是由基亞拉瓦萊的西多會修道士於12世紀創建的,至今仍在意大利東北部的波河山谷中製作

This cheese is made from 100% pasteurized, semi-skimmed cow’s milk from two milking and generally aged for two years. At the end of the cheese making process, Grana Padano develops a firm, thick and deeply straw-colored rind protecting the fragrant, dry, flaking interior. Grana means “grainy” in Italian which is reflected in the fine granular texture with an intensely sweet flavor. As Grana Padano ages, the flavors become pronounced, savory and complex.
這種奶酪由兩次擠奶過程中經過100%巴氏殺菌的半脫脂牛奶製成,通常陳化兩年。在奶酪製作過程的最後,Grana Padano 開發出堅硬,厚實和深稻草色的外皮,以保護芳香,乾,片狀的內部。格蘭納(Grana)在意大利語中意為“粒狀”,體現在細顆粒狀質地中,帶有強烈的甜味。隨著Grana Padano 的陳年,口味變得明顯,咸而復雜

Grana Padano DOP is sweet and nutty with aromas of butter and hay, crumbly and crystalline. Enjoy the cheese on its own or paired with earthy and intense Italian prosciutto, fruit, and honey.
Grana Padano DOP 香甜可口,帶有牛油和乾草的香氣,晶形鬆碎。可以單獨享用奶酪,也可以搭配土質濃郁的意大利火腿,水果和蜂蜜搭配

Optional grated or full piece

Keep refrigerated. To be consumed within 48 hours.

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