Lardo Italian Pork Fat “Salumificio Rosotta” Sliced - 100 Grams

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From Salumificio Rosotta in Campania, the most tasteful cold cuts perfect to melt on a slice of Altamura bread (buy here) or to boost your burgers and pastas.
從坎帕尼亞(Campania)的Salumificio Rosotta,最有品味的冷盤非常適合融化在一片阿爾塔穆拉麵包(在此處購買)或增加漢堡和麵食的質量

Lard is a cut of pork meat, the fat part of the lard with thin rind. It is a product derived from Italian heavy pork. It is flavored and placed in special tanks, after a period of salting and absorption of the spices it is vacuum packed in Italy and shipped to Hong Kong.

Its taste is rich, complex, mouthwatering. Able to add value on everything you add it.

Choose whole piece for pasta and barbecue or thinly sliced to top your bruschetta or toasted bread.

Approximately 18-20 pieces per serving

Keep refrigerated. To consume in max 7 days after received and kept in its packaging. 

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