Tuna in Oil - 900g

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A gastronomic experience of the highest level thanks to Hijos de José Serrat, which has been preserving fish for over a century, producing an excellent tuna in oil still exclusively by hand, as it used to be. The first step in the fish preservation process is the selection of the best and freshest fish, directly from the boats returning from the Bay of Biscay, above the Basque Country community in northern Spain. After the selection process, the fish is quickly moved to the production facility where they are double-checked to make sure they meet the freshness and high-quality standards expected by the company and then sorted according to their size.

The tuna fish is cleaned by hand. Afterward, they are cooked at a temperature of 98 ºC for approximately 3 hours. After they have been set aside to cool, the fish is trimmed and the skin, bones, and excess fat are removed. A second cleaning process removes all dark spots that may have remained after cooking and at this point, the fillets and the “ventresca” (the part of the fish nearest the belly and the finest part of the tuna) are then separated. This cleaning phase, done completely by hand, is very important to ensure the quality of the product.

Bermeo, SPAIN

White Alalunga Tuna in olive oil

900 g (drained 600 g)