Tartufi del Molise Black Truffle Carpaccio - 80 Grams

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Molise: The Land of Truffle

Molise is the richiest italian region of wild truffle. It is estimated that 60% of the production of truffles in Italy comes from This small region. A significant fact,due the quality and unspoiled natural habitat, which allows the proliferation of this special fungus. Truffle of Molise is greatly beloved and recognized abroad.
The characteristics of the rind, pulp, grain called ASCI and spores, together the size, flavor and fragrance, allow the identification of the species of truffle. The special characteristic of flavor and smell have led truffle to be the King of the kitchen. The slices of truffle are selected by truffles perfectly intact, ideal to flavor pasta dishes, risottos, meat and fish.

Size: 80 Grams Sliced (Jar) 容量:80克 切片(瓶)

Store at room temperature. Keep away from heating sources and sun light.

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