Sweet and Sour Vermouth Baby Onions - 330g

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The raw materials are worked completely by hand in all the various processes, from the arrival of vegetables grown based on intelligent and non-intensive farming practices, from the cleaning and “grooming” of the onions to the washing, cutting and canning of the finished product. A recipe designed and created for the world of mixology, to accompany an aperitif together with a platter of cold cuts or cheeses or, thanks to the exquisite taste and versatility of the product, also perfect to garnish cocktails such as a Gibson or other creative blends.

Also known as flat onions, Borettana is characterized by a highly flattened bulb, small and with a straw-colored tunic. Known throughout Italy for its unmistakable flavor, here this exceptional onion is accompanied by Mancino Vermouth, a fortified wine typical of the Italian tradition. The choice of using vermouth brine attributes a unique sensory profile to the onions, where the sweetness of their pulp pairs perfectly with the bitterness and acidity of Mancino’s dry white vermouth.


Product name: Baby Onions in Mancino Dry Vermouth

Ingredients: Borettana onions (naturally contain SULPHITES), white wine vinegar, Cervia whole sea salt, water, sugar, Mancino Dry Vermouth (Trebbiano wine, alcohol, natural aromas) 3.3% alcohol by vol.

Storage method: once opened, store at +4 °C

Origin: Italy

Type: Sweet and Sour Baby Onions

Format: 330g glass jar