National Seasoned Shoulder with bone 7 Kg
National Seasoned Shoulder with bone 7 Kg

National Seasoned Shoulder with bone 7 Kg

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Whole seasoned shoulder with bone 

The Stagionata pork shoulder is certainly one of the most famous Tuscan artisan cured meats. It is obtained by following the same processing of Tuscan ham, aged for at least 6 months.

The difference is that Seasoned Shoulder needs less salt and a shorter seasoning, since it has a lower weight and thickness than ham.

Despite the fact that the seasoned shoulder is less valuable than ham, it is tastier both for having assimilated the aromas more during aging (thanks to the lesser thickness) and because it is the tastiest part of the pig.

As for the seasoning, the pork shoulder follows the same rule as the ham; or that of one month for every kilogram of weight.

Even if considered less valuable, the Spalla Stagionata is still one of the most requested Tuscan artisan cured meats.

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Cured shoulder of pork description 

More flavorful than Prosciutto, the cured pork shoulder is characterized by an intense flavor, not too savory, red in color and dry meat.

Processing: Chosen from the best pork shoulders, it is trimmed and processed with coarse sea salt which is removed with warm water after about twenty days during which it is massaged on a weekly basis. The seasoned shoulder is hung in a cool place and dry and left to mature for a period of about 3 months for the boneless and about 4 months for the bone-in, until it reaches full maturity. Finally, it is filled with a mixture of lard and flour in those points where it has hollows or small cracks and peppered in the parts not covered by rind.
The seasoned pork shoulder has an ancient taste fragrance that makes it persistent and light on the palate, the seasoned pork shoulder served mainly as a sliced accompanied with very sweet seasonal figs or broad beans.

Average weight: Kg 4,000 / Kg. 4,500Guarantees: Gluten free, lactose free, glutamate free, Italian production.

When buying a cured pork shoulder, we always ask ourselves the same question, which is the best Tuscan ham or seasoned shoulder? And the first thing to keep in mind is that no one is better than the other, but they are different. We are all aware that the main difference between ham and shoulder is the price, but it is not the only factor that distinguishes them, but the taste or the part of the pig from which they come are other aspects that must be highlighted. shoulder of ham so that when you choose them you buy just what you want.

Raw ham or aged pork shoulder?

The first thing to keep in mind is where you get both products from. The pig has two front and two hind legs; paletilla (shoulder) is the way the two front legs are known, while jamón is the name given to the two hind legs. By their very constitution, the hind legs are larger and fleshy than the front legs, which are thinner. Consequently, there is more meat in the ham than in the shoulder, which has a smaller amount.

When we talk about the performance of Tuscan ham and cured shoulder we are referring precisely to this, to the amount of meat that can be used in both products. The performance of the pork shoulder is lower because, although it can be sliced or diced of ham, it has more bone and therefore less food is obtained. Ham, on the other hand, has a higher yield and practically anything can be extracted from it

Spalla stagionata con osso vendita Prosciutto di spalla

Another difference between raw ham and cured shoulder is the time of diveso curing. The proximity to the bone accelerates the curing process and, since the ham shoulder has less meat and is closer to the bone, it is cured before shortening the time spent in the cellar. Tuscan ham needs 15 months to be ready a pork shoulder matures in at least 6 months. This maturation time influences the final price of the product. Since the Aged shoulder takes less time in the cellar, their cost will be lower than that of the ham, which requires more seasoning to be in the ideal place for tasting.

As for the flavor, it should be borne in mind that, since the ham shoulder meat is closer to the bone, its flavor is more intense, which will make it more suitable for palates accustomed to stronger flavors. However, if you are among those who prefer seasoning with a soft touch, it is advisable to buy the ham, whole or sliced.

When we talk about the difference between Tuscan ham and cured pork shoulder, of course, we cannot ignore something that is obvious: the different sizes of the two pieces. The shoulder is smaller than the ham and can reach a maximum of 70 centimeters in length, while the ham usually measures between 70 and 90 centimeters. The weight is also different, and although it depends a lot on the piece, the front legs usually weigh around five pounds while the hind legs average seven.

Now that we know the fundamental aspects that distinguish them both, let's see why the price of these products is so different.

Cured shoulder vs Tuscan hams 


Generally speaking, if you ask someone what is better than ham or cured pork shoulder than ham? He will tell you that the Tuscan ham, because it is often thought that because it is more expensive, its quality is better, but it is not so. The cost of selling to the public is not determined by the delicacy of the products, but by the time needed to produce them. The shoulder care of the ham takes fewer months than the ham and, therefore, its cost is lower.

As for the flavor, the flavor of the ham is no better than that of the shoulder, but they are totally different. If you try a slice of cured shoulder and then try a slice of ham, you will soon be able to differentiate them because the taste of the first is more intense and powerful than that of the second, which is softer.

Hence, neither the Ham it is better than cured shoulder, nor is ham shoulder better than ham; they are different products that are produced in the same way. If you choose to buy ham, or if you decide to buy a pork shoulder or a ham, Salumeria Toscana we assure you one thing, you will love their charm because they are both really delicious! Order now the seasoned pork shoulder online Salumeria Toscana is a leader in the sale of typical Tuscan cold cuts online.

The seasoned pork shoulder is also placed in special food polystyrene boxes and then in our personalized cardboard box for shipping, so as to guarantee the right conservation during delivery.