Shopper Gift - Majolica "Oil & Vinegar" BIO

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OILALA' EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS A "BUY FROM ITALY" PRODUCT. Your product will be ordered in Italy a and delivered to you within 10 days. MINIMUM ORDER FROM OILALA' HKD 188.

  • Contains: Oil Ages Monocultivar Coratina Organic "Majolica"; Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP BIO "Majolica" li>
  • Produced by ingredients 100% Made in Italy li>
  • Ideal for those who love the taste and tradition of authentic Apulian cuisine li>
  • For those looking for the perfect gift that knows how to surprise you with its originality and its authentic taste. Li>
  • Ideal for those who are attentive to their welfare and their health and is looking for an organic oil, with an intense flavor and rich in antioxidants. Span> < / li>
  • Very low acidity and high content in polyphenols li>
  • Available while stocks li>
  • Forwarding: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab li> Ul>

    The gift of Oilalà boxes are the perfect Christmas gift to surprise friends and family. The quality products we have selected for you are worthy of the most lavish Christmas aperitif. P>

    The biodegradable packaging amazes those who receive it for its beauty, attention to detail and of course the tasty contents. P>

    Inside you'll find everything you need for a Christmas ... of course different: p>

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Buy from Italy and get delivered to Hong Kong in max 7 days by FedEx. Track your order real-time.