Seaweed Deluxe Bread - 650g

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Low tide, essence of sea.
Triticum suggests using it as an appetizer, to accompany some sea products with lemon and ginger jam.
An exquisite bread that elevates culinary creations to the highest artistic expression.

Aromatic breads are more specific. If well combined they will perfectly blend with the final dish and can even elevate it.

A quality bread is one whose crispness lasts a long time, which has a golden-reddish color, a moist and honeycombed crumb, and a certain acidity. This is the result of a series of controlled and rigorous processes that begin with the selection of the raw material.

The Company
Triticum was born with one simple intention: to make quality bread for the hotel and restaurant industry. It is a young, entrepreneurial company that makes pre-cooked bread for haute cuisine. It was created in 2006 and since then it has grown in terms of projects, clients and products.

TRITICUM has recovered the artisan essence of a millenary product from the latest baking techniques and has become a reference point in the field of bread making, as it has proved capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.