Sea water instantly - 500g

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Winbi is a family-run company from Murcia, in southeastern Spain, which has created an innovative product based on seawater, an ingredient that today is extremely common in the kitchens of Italian and international restaurants. A solution based on natural mineral salts that, when diluted in water, faithfully reproduces the original taste, organoleptic properties, and benefits of seawater, with additional benefits:

The ability to customize the product based on the specific needs and tastes of the consumer (using different quantities of Winbi solution will cause the water to be more or less salty or savory)
The safety and health guarantee of the product, preserving an intact taste (while it is true that seawater sold for cooking is obviously treated, it is also true that the flavor and intensity of the taste can be lacking)
A more practical product to use compared to seawater bottles currently available on the market
Product sustainability, reducing plastic consumption (1 kg of product is equivalent to 28.5 L of seawater)
Low sodium content (29% compared to common salt)
Does not contain dyes, sweeteners, flavorings, or GMOs

Murcia, SPAIN

Solution of natural mineral salts to reproduce seawater

Resealable 500 g container