San Massimo Carnaroli Rice - 1kg

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Carnaroli is a variety of rice with a long-grain, superfine and belonging to the very valuable japonica variety: today it is spread all over Italy, but it is still mainly produced in Piedmont in the Vercelli area. The history of Carnaroli rice seems to begin in the years 1939-1945, thanks to the crossbreeding between Vialone Nero and Lencino, and over time it has become one of the best on the market for its organoleptic qualities and cooking resistance: it is the ideal rice for risottos because it has a low tendency to lose starch and a good ability to absorb liquids during the mantecatura.

There are two schools of thought about the "best rice for risotto", Carnaroli and Arborio, but the first one stands out for its higher starch content, firmer consistency and longer grain. The grain is particularly elongated, is about 7 mm, has a pearly color and its taste is slightly sweet, very resistant and elastic, in fact, during cooking, which is about 16-18 minutes, does not shake and does not disintegrate, but remains compact.