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Our assorted box of Tuscan handcrafted products is the ideal gift idea!

You will be able to taste a wonderful selection of our best typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses. The packaging in food-grade polystyrene boxes and the refrigerated shipping guarantee perfect conservation during transport. Everything ended with the customized box of Salumeria Toscana.

The package contains:

● Seasoned Raw Ham, 1300 gr ● Tuscan Salami, 1000 gr ● Fresh Tuscan Sausage, 500 gr ● Seasoned Pork Cheek, 700 gr ● Tuscan Pecorino DOP, 250 gr ● Seasoned Tuscan Pecorino DOP, 250 gr ● Pecorino Straw and Hay, 500 gr

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Typical Tuscan artisan cold cuts and cheeses online


Raw ham

The raw ham is obtained from fresh thighs from the best slaughterhouses carefully selected and seasoned by us.Particularly requested is the slice of ham, the most suitable cut to meet the needs of consumers who want to buy a piece of raw ham to be sliced at home.

The taste is tasty, but very balanced, the aromas are unmistakable you immediately understand that it is a Tuscan raw ham, the fat part melts in the mouth and balances the flavor of the meat.

Tuscan salami

Each Tuscan salami is born entirely from the union and bond with the Tuscan lands and the ancient family recipes handed down for generations in the company.Our Tuscan salami is quite sweet, balanced, with intense aromas that you can already taste before tasting it. is one of our flagship products, the careful selection of high quality raw materials helps us to create an inimitable Tuscan salami.

Fresh Tuscan Sausage

Tuscan Sausage is renowned for the quality of raw materials and for the balance between lean and fat parts. When cut, the lean parts are well ground and mixed with the fatty ones.

Pork cheek

Bacon with pepper offers an intense flavor that allows you to create quality cuisine and its gluttony becomes indispensable in many typical regional dishes.

The cut that characterizes it includes the cheek and part of the throat: for this reason in some areas we also find it with the name of "Goletta" or "Gota", a Tuscan term which means, in fact, "cheek".

For the production of guanciale al Pepe, meat from Italian pigs that have reached at least nine months of life and that come from certified farms or that are of superior quality breeds and raised in the wild are used, such as the Black Parmigiana which offers a delicacy even greater.

Pecorino Toscano Dop

Pecorino Toscano is produced with sheep's milk from pastures in the Tuscan region and other neighboring territories included in the specification. Rich in tradition, it is famous all over the world for its fresh and gentle flavor. When young, under the white-brown rind, this enchanting cheese has a sweet taste and a milky scent, a quality that it loses during maturing in favor of a more intense and structured taste that gives it a surprising aromatic complexity.
Good in itself as a table cheese, it finds infinite possibilities to taste it, in appetizers, enhancing it with honey, jam and caramelized fruit, or in delicious salads with the addition of a Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for any occasion, it is a natural accompaniment to Tuscan white wines.

PDO Aged Pecorino Toscano
This aged Tuscan pecorino is characterized by its sweet and balanced flavor, which in no case is too savory or spicy, a peculiarity due to the processing method, the use of veal rennet and salting, which is left for a shorter period . compared to other cheeses of the same type. The aged Pecorino Toscano DOP is one of the most famous Tuscan excellences in the world, one of the products that best summarizes the Tuscan culture and tradition, representing centuries of history.

Pecorino Straw and Hay
Pecorino straw and hay is a classic of Tuscan cheeses, we offer it in the form of 550 gr, which is vacuum packed at the time of ordering. It is a pinstripe pecorino seasoned for a few months. The forms are wrapped in the spring hay of the hill pastures which enriches them with the typical scents and scents of nature, and by the straw which improves their seasoning. Ideal with honey and jams, serve it with a good red wine that will enhance all its many nuances.