Seasoned Raw Ham 1.3 Kg
Seasoned Raw Ham 1.3 Kg

Seasoned Raw Ham 1.3 Kg

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Seasoned Raw Ham 

The Seasoned Raw Ham is a classic of the Italian tradition with an unmistakable taste. This raw ham slice is the most suitable cut to meet the needs of consumers who want to buy a small piece, easy to slice at home.

The artisanal salting of Seasoned Raw Ham it requires repeated and vigorous massages to make the salt penetrate deeply. After being left to rest in special cold rooms, it is spiced and aged in well-ventilated rooms for a period ranging from 9 to 12 months.

The taste is tasty and balanced, with a recognizable and typical aroma of Tuscan raw ham. The fat part melts in the mouth and balances the flavor of the meat.

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The production of cured raw ham begins with the separation of the thighs from the rest of the animal's body and the classic arched trimming, which is then followed by spicing with salt, pepper, natural flavorings and spices.
At the same time, all raw hams are provided with a non-removable seal indicating the date on which the curing process begins, which must last at least 12 months. upper extremity, and a weight that oscillates between 7 and 7.5 kg.

Ham is a living element and has individual and intrinsic characteristics. Each ham in terms of shape, weight and fat has a different response and a different seasoning.  Bringing a ham to full maturity from 24 to 26 months would mean ruining it, it would mean not grasping the peak of its maturation and sending it over-maturing. Its best characteristics would be lost, with altered tastes and aromas.

Think of the wine… There are wines that need time to give the best others less.

Experience, the aromas that the hams leave on the needle, that little hole that we use to feel the qualities and defects of the ham, make a raw ham tell us about itself and make it clear what is the best time to savor all its extraordinary taste and aromas.

I wanted to let you know that the raw ham is placed in special food polystyrene boxes and then in our personalized cardboard box for shipping, so as to guarantee the right conservation during delivery.


Recipe with Tuscan Ham 

8 ripe plum tomatoes
8 slices of Tuscan raw ham
4 slices of Tuscan bread
6 anchovy fillets in oil
2 sprigs of thyme
extra virgin olive oil.

Sear the tomatoes for a few seconds in boiling water, drain and let them cool. Then peel them and cut them into four wedges. Remove the internal seeds and cut them into fillets. Put them in a bowl, season them with
a spoonful of good extra virgin olive oil and perfume them with the leaves of a sprig of thyme.
Mince finely
the remaining thyme leaves and sprinkle them on the slices of bread. Season each slice with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil e
toast them quickly under the oven grill.
SPREAD the slices of ham on the cutting board, eliminated
any fat and arrange the tomato fillets at the end of each. Roll the Tuscan raw ham around the
tomato and put the rolls obtained on warm bread. Complete by placing a fillet and a half of anchovy on top
each crouton and serve.

The shipment of your cured raw ham takes place in 24/48 from the moment of approval. In the payment methods there is also the option of payment on delivery. Salumeria Toscana specializes in the sale of typical Tuscan cold cuts online.

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