Presa (Pork Shoulder) - 1.3kg
Presa (Pork Shoulder) - 1.3kg

Presa (Pork Shoulder) - 1.3kg

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Iberian Pork Shoulder Ham (Presa)

The “Presa” or “Coppa” is made from the muscle that runs from the neck of a pig: when deboned and salt-cured, this cut becomes one of the most famous Italian cured meats, namely the “Coppa” as it is known in northern Italy or “Capocollo” as it is known in the south. For those who instead prefer a fresh cut, it is perfect cooked on the grill or the barbecue, thanks to the considerable presence of internal fat. We are in Salamanca, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León in northwestern Spain – and more precisely in the municipality of Guijuelo: one of Spain’s four Denominations of Origin regions for Iberian ham.

Blázquez pigs are raised in freedom or semi-freedom in very large wide open areas, where they can move freely: this contributes to stronger and more toned muscles. Moreover, the animals are allowed to live longer lives – over the age of 11 months – above the minimum required by Spanish law. As this is a pig that runs free, lives well and longer than its counterparts, it will provide a more delicate and succulent meat.

In addition, Blázquez, which owns vast lands in both Castile and Andalusia, produces its own pig feed in-house: a feed consisting of wheat, barley, corn, soybeans and bran supplements the so-called “bellotas”, the small acorns that the pigs love to devour during the “montanera” period in autumn and winter. An exquisite product, like all Blázquez meat cuts, quick and easy to prepare and which requires a single, important tip to ensure the best flavor: despite what one may be inclined to think, the meat must be treated like beef, and therefore served strictly rare.

Guijuelo, Salamanca Province, SPAIN

Iberian Pork

vacuum-packed, 2 pieces of approx. 650 g each, frozen