Tomato Ovetto Siciliano (1 kg)

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FRUTTILIO SICILIAN FRUITS & VEGETABLES IS A "BUY FROM ITALY" PRODUCT. Your product will be ordered in Italy a and delivered to you within 10 days. MINIMUM ORDER FROM FRUTTILIO HKD 188.

The tomato egg is a tomato salad, medium sized and oval shaped. Its flavor is sweet and smooth skin and meaty. It may be bright green or red depending on the degree of maturation. Enjoy its many beneficial properties, it is refreshing, thirst-quenching, has diuretic, rich in lycopene and carotenoids, substances that facilitate the proper functioning of the body and defend against free radicals. It contains a good dose of vitamin C, for repairing and regenerating action on all body cells. In addition, it is also rich in minerals, with a balancing and detoxifying function. Its low in calories, also made him an important food in low-calorie diets. Product grown in Sicily p>