Pesto Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 140g

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  • Produced from 100% Italian ingredients span> li>
  • Ideal for those who love the taste and tradition of authentic Apulian cuisine span> li>
  • Vegetables harvested and processed in full compliance with their seasonal span> li>
  • Available while stocks span> li>
  • Forwarding: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab span> li> Ul>

    Only the most tender part of our artichoke is used to create this fantastic pesto. The addition of herbs, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil makes it so delicate but at the same time very tasty. So how can you give up a tasty and light dressing? Span> p>


    our valuable oil enriches the flavors and ensures proper storage. Span> p>


    Ideal for seasoning strips of beef and chicken, but also to flavor a risotto. Thanks to its soft, thick consistency is perfect on bread slices, croutons and pasta. Span> p>



    Ingredients b> : Artichokes (55%), extra virgin olive oil (5%), sunflower oil (5%), < / span> ALMOND b> span> Grana Padano b> , oregano, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice. Span> citric acid. B> p>

    Source b> : Italy span> p>

    Nutritional Information (Average values ​​referred to 100g): b> Calories 179 kcal / 747 kJ, Carbohydrates: 2g, of which Sugars 1,9g; Total fat: 24g, of which Saturated 3g; 2.4 g protein, 190 mg salt. Span> p>

    Preservation method b> : Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat. After opening, store the product in a refrigerator and use within 7 days. Span> p>

    Available in sizes b> : 140g span> p>

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