Grotto Aged Pecorino 1.2 Kg

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Grotto aged pecorino


Pecorino Stagionato di Grotta is a cheese aged in limestone caves. The aging of Pecorino in the cave is an ancient technique developed mainly in central Italy.

In the days when there were no refrigerators, to maintain a good temperature during their maturation, the cheeses were placed in natural caves. Later it was discovered that the particular microclimatic conditions of the cave were able to give the cheese its typical and unique characteristics.

The Pecorino di Grotta Stagionato is produced in Tuscany, according to an ancient tradition where artisans of the past created typical cheeses, renowned all over the world.

The Pecorino Stagionato di Grotta has a thin crust that encloses a soft and sweet interior, with notes of dried fruit. A pecorino that is characterized by a strong and savory taste.

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 Aged Pecorino Description 

The aroma is nutty and becomes
richer with aging, leaving room for hints of toasted hazelnut. Unmissable in the perfect cutting board, it is fabulous accompanied with breadcrusty to savor its structure.It is also superb with acacia honey or fig jam. Accompany it with a glass of Tuscan red wine such as a classic Chianti or a Rosso di Montalcino.

Npecorino aged in gortta is the result of an ancient aging technique, which developed mainly in central Italy. There were no refrigerators and therefore to keep the cheeses at a refrigerated temperature during their maturation, they were placed in natural caves.

It was later discovered that the particular microclimatic conditions some caves were able to give the cheeses typical and unique characteristics. In fact, in addition to the low temperature, the cheeses were away from sources of light and heat and aged in a very humid environment. This has caused some to form around noble moldswhich, in addition to protecting the cheeses from external pathogens, also affected the grotto aged pecorino, making its flavor intense and unmistakable. The environmental conditions of the cave also allowed the pecorino to take on the particular consistency which made it inimitable.

This curing technique spread like wildfire, especially in Tuscany, only to be left aside in the last century in favor of less laborious and more profitable curing methods. However, the tradition has not been lost and so the grotto aged pecorino has been re-evaluated, becoming an excellenceof Italian gastronomy

Grotto aged pecorino online sale of aged pecorino


I wanted to let you know that the product is placed in special food-grade polystyrene boxes and then in our customized cardboard box for shipping, so as to guarantee its proper conservation during delivery. This aged pecorino grotto is sold in 1/2 wheel of 1.2 kg, if you order 2 pieces we will send you a whole wheel vacuum packed at the time of the order for delivery. You can specify your needs at checkout. together with other typical Tuscan pecorino.