Pecorino and Pears 500gr

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Pecorino and Pears

Pecorino and pears - a delicious pear-based cheese. The cheese combines the pure aroma and flavor of sheep's milk with the sweet and delicate flavor of freshly peeled ripe pears. It is an ivory-colored cheese with a soft and slightly crumbly texture


The Pecorino and pears it is produced in Tuscany, according to a millenary tradition where artisans of other times make typical cheeses, renowned all over the world.

Professionalism, respect for raw materials and Tuscan dairy traditions, give life to a pecorino of absolute quality.


The Pecorino and pears it is a sweet pecorino that is characterized by a delicate flavor that tastes of pear, also enhanced by a seasoning that can vary from 40 to 60 days.


The Pecorino and pears it is ideal for delicious snacks, and goes very well with fresh white wines.

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The Pecorino aged with pears It is prepared using ancient recipes of the Maremma dairy. This pecorino is made with sheep's milk from local farms.

During preparation, this Tuscan cheese is combined with pears which give it a typical fresh and fruity but not sweet aroma. The pecorino cheese with pears has white and creamy paste, a novelty that will become tradition. 
It is certainly a cheese to be tasted in purity to understand its finesse. 
Remember to keep it in a cool and dry place.


This pecorino is produced with fresh milk from the morning milking, is collected and brought to the dairy, and in turn it is pasteurized and inoculated with rennet and lactic ferments. Once the curd is obtained, it is chopped and the goat shape is formed. During the processing, pears are added which give the pecorino freshness and fruity scents.

After the pecorino with pears is left to mature for about 60 days at least, before being put on the market.

Doing so gives life to a cheese with a slightly compact texture and a slightly fruity flavor and aroma, but not sweet, and worthy of a noble lunch!

Pecorino alle pere dove comprarlo ecco i migliori formaggi toscani


Pecorino with pears is distinguished by its crust color tending to ash, the paste is smooth and slightly grainy, ivory-white in color, with a clear aroma and flavor of both sheep's milk and freshly peeled ripe pear.

A cheese with a balanced aroma and enriched with chopped pear; sweet, elegant cheese with a pleasant hint of fruit, all mixed with great skill.

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