Pecorino di Pienza DOP - 100 Grams Full Piece

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Pecorino di Pienza - a cheese of historical origins. Presumably, it is one of the oldest types of cheeses in the world. The ancient Romans and, before them, the Etruscans, produced and consumed pecorino. According to the historical books of Italian gastronomy, Lorenzo de Medici loved pecorino so much that he went from Florence to Pienza just to get his hands on this tasty cheese.

Pecorino di Pienza has a delicate and elastic structure. It is not spicy but full of character. It is distinguished by a strong and round taste.

The typical orange color of this Pecorino is obtained from the external treatment that is used. It is rubbed with a mixture of tomatoes and olive oil. This coating naturally protects the cheese.

It is excellent for snacks on the cutting board or for a meal, accompanied by a famous wine of this area, the Nobile di Montepulciano.