Cinta Senese pancetta pdo 500gr

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Cinta Senese bacon dop

The pancetta of Cinta Senese is undoubtedly a highly appreciated cured meat, the unique taste of the Cinta Senese pigs makes this product unique in its kind.

The pancetta or rigatino as it is called in Tuscany is salted for 14 days, flavored with salt, pepper, garlic and after 3 months of aging it is put on the market.

The Cinta Senese PDO pigs are traditionally raised in the wild in the woods of the Montagnola Senese and Chianti area and fed with flour of vegetable origin such as corn, barley and broad beans. "

Cinta Senese pancetta has a compact white fat with bright red strips of lean. The particularity of the raw material used, outdoor farming and feeding, give the product an unmistakable quality and a unique taste. It is obtained exclusively from pure Cinta Senese PDO pigs slaughtered between 12 and 16 months.

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pancetta di cinta senese dop