Langoustine Scampi Sicily - Pack of 10-12pcs - about 1kg frozen

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Scampi is one the most sought-after crustaceans as their white, delicate, and tender meat is perfect for many types of preparations. Although their English and their scientific name – Norway lobster or Nephrops Norvegicus – associate this crustacean with the specific fishing zone, the Sicilian variety is much more fragile than those found in the colder seas.

For this reason, in order to preserve the raw material and prevent the claws from breaking, the product is glazed with water and sold in a block of ice, which can simply be thawed before use. Like all Don Gambero products, as soon as they are caught, the seafood is immediately blast chilled directly on board-certified fishing vessel laboratories, with a very high thermal shock. In order to maintain the full freshness of the product, the processing is carried out very quickly without rinsing and icing.
Frozen individually (IQF), the Norway Lobster “1st selection” includes 10/12 pieces per tray.

Mediterranean Strait of Sicily

Whole Langoustine

Single tray, net weight 1 kg