Mother of pearl spoon for caviar - 1 piece

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To truly appreciate caviar, it is absolutely necessary to avoid the use of metal cutlery, as the metal can significantly alter the authentic flavor of this precious food.

For this reason, tradition has it that a refined mother-of-pearl teaspoon should be used to appreciate and taste sturgeon eggs in all their purity.

Longino & Cardenal was established in 1988 and was the first Italian company to import fresh caviar from Iran: the intuition to import the raw material, repackage it and retail it with a precise identity by adopting a new brand proved to be a winning idea, giving rise to a new and highly successful business model. We are proud to have been the first authorized caviar repackaging facility in Italy and all of our cans are distinctively marked with the IT0001 packaging plant code.

The fictional characters that represent our brand – Longino, a Swiss nobleman, and Cardenal, a Cuban fisherman – characterize the very essence of our philosophy. We started our activity with caviar and continued to discover many other Rare and Precious Foods from around the world. We have been at the service of some of the most demanding Italian and international chefs for more than 30 years, selecting the best caviar available on the market, and now also available for food enthusiasts and gourmands from all over Italy.