Eggplants fillets in extra virgin olive oil 190g
Eggplants fillets in extra virgin olive oil 190g

Eggplants fillets in extra virgin olive oil 190g

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OILALA' EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS A "BUY FROM ITALY" PRODUCT. Your product will be ordered in Italy a and delivered to you within 10 days. MINIMUM ORDER FROM OILALA' HKD 188.

  • Produced from 100% Italian ingredients span> li>
  • Ideal for those who love the taste and tradition of authentic Apulian cuisine span> li>
  • Product 100% vegan span> li>
  • Products made without preservatives or colorings added span> li>
  • Vegetables harvested and processed in full compliance with their seasonal span> li>
  • Available while stocks span> li>
  • Forwarding: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab span> li> Ul>

    Our eggplant into strips have an intense flavor and slightly spicy. Cut into thin slices not too much to guarantee the right fragrance and texture, you can taste the best as a starter or accompanied by cold cuts, meats and cheeses. Span> p>


    An 'idea on the fly to enjoy them at best? Halve a sandwich type "Arabic", pour a drizzle of extra virgin contents into the jar, lie on some of our slices eggplant in olive oil and two slices of fresh goat cheese. Finish by adding half a teaspoon of pesto Oilalà. Close and enjoy! Span> p>


    Inside each jar you will find the freshness and intensity of each ingrediente.Il product is stored in glass jars using only our precious extra virgin olive oil, without the addition of preservatives, acidity or dyes. span> p>


    Ingredients: b> Eggplant (59%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (33%), parsley, mint, garlic, chilli, wine vinegar span> (SULPHITES) b> salt. span> p>

    Source b> : Italy span> p>

    Nutritional Information (Average values ​​referred to 100g): b> Calorie 43.76 kcal / 168.63 kJ; Carbohydrates: 9,92g, of which Sugars 1,10g; Total fat: 2,13g, of which Saturates 0,29g; Protein 0,98g; Salt 105mg. Span> p>

    Preservation method: b> In a cool, dry place away from light and heat sources. After opening, store the product covered by a little oil and use within 10 days. Span> p>

    Available in sizes: b> 190g span> p> Div>

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