Home Made Taglierini Noodles - 200 Grams

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Cook in salted boiling water  2 minutes for Al Dente, 3 minutes for well cooked.

Delicious home-made Taglierini, which means Taglierino, thinly cut. Traditional in Alba, the white truffle world capital, Taglierini is taking over the word.

Taglierini are perfect for sauces such as Bolognese and Carbonara or simply with some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and butter.
塔格里利尼(Taglierini)非常適合像博洛涅塞(Bolognese)和卡博拉納(Carbonara)之類的調味料,或者僅與一些帕瑪森芝士(Parmigiano Reggiano)奶酪和油搭配即可

3 variants; Classic, Basil Flavor and White Truffle Flavor. Try them all and choose your own "One"

Try to pair with one of our home made sauce. Or make the sauce with our fresh ingredients from the Grocery.


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